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CHEESE vision

CHEESE is a fast and scalable tool for searching very large chemical spaces. It is based on a deep learning model that learns molecule representations, and has the potential to be trainable and flexible to many molecule similarity aspects (2D, 3D,...). Furthermore, the learned molecule representations can be leveraged for multiple downstream tasks such as molecular property prediction.

About the MAMA AI Company

We are a young, dynamic and innovative European group focusing on the development of artificial intelligence products across many fields. The MAMA AI team is historically the IBM Watson AI R&D Lab team - and as such, over the past decades, it has largely contributed to the development of key global technologies enabling the construction of AI products, including voice and text conversational assistants for customers from all continents, with work from the Czech Republic. In the same way, we were part of many teams that implemented these technologies on the international market.

We believe that today the MAMA AI team is one of the most capable and experienced in the world in this field, both in the preparation of a specific product, the delivery of supporting AI solutions, and also in ensuring complete control over the entire stack. We have many years of experience in implementing, integrating and management of Cloud and AI and on-prem and AI.

We have a MAMA R&D Lab where we develop our new and innovative AI technologies that we deliver as products, platforms and services on the market. We are ready not only to deliver top solutions, but also share our experience and knowledge.

CHEESE Molecular search is the result of collaboration of MAMA AI and IOCB Tech.