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1.4.2 (Coming soon in August 2023)

  • Adding Enamine REAL database (5.5 billion molecules) for searching
  • Making API available with public repository on github

1.4.1 (2023-07-23)

  • Added property color bar to the main page, color corresponds to the desirability of the property value (green is good, red is bad), detailed description of the properties is in the Properties.
  • Added the possibility of fetching random SMILES from database in the search bar (dice icon)
  • Search quality divided into "Fast", "Accurate" and "Very accurate" (the more accurate the slower the search, but the search recall is higher)

1.4.0 (2023-06-17)

  • New design of the main page
  • Improved documentation
  • Property prediction validity compared with FDA drugs
  • Error messages and warnings are now more informative
  • Added Ketcher Molecule Drawing

1.3.9 (2023-05-05)

  • ZINC (700 million molecules) is now available for searching.
  • The search speed is increased by 2x.
  • Google-image like responsive browsing of molecules is added
  • Download molecules button (including predicted properties) in csv format